Discover our practical booklets on how to welcome a new pet into your home

My first dog

Acquiring a dog requires a lot of care and attention. A dog or a puppy’s lifestyle, dietary requirements and needs in general are very different compared to ours. Some advice should be taken on board so that everything runs smoothly…

My first goldfish

A goldfish aquarium (cold, moderated water tank) is usually the first fish tank installed in a household. This « cold water » phase constitutes the first leg in the discovery of this wonderful and exciting hobby that is “Fishkeeping”… With a little care, respect and some basic knowledge our goldfish friends will become the most robust and the easiest to maintain of the ornamental fish species.

My first cat

You are about to welcome a kitten into your home. Separated from its original environment, it will have to adapt itself to what is yours. To do this, place your new addition in small, quiet and serene location for the first few days. Thus, the adjustment will be as smooth as it can be!
Here are some handy tips on your kittens’ needs, feeding and caring for them…

My first bird

Birds are divisible into two different classes known as the “straight beaks” and the “hooked beaks”.
The former is made up of birds that are known for their songs such as canaries or for their plumage (exotic birds). The second group includes parakeets, lovebirds, large parakeets or parrots. If you raise them by hand from an early age, they can be easily tamed. You can spend many happy moments and build an emotional relationship with them.

My first rodent

Rodents are very affective small animals that children particularly enjoy due to their small size and softness. Their owners can learn how to look after them and live together harmoniously. But do not forget that despite their small size, these animals are not toys and need to be respected! Their welfare goes through several stages that we will introduce to you in greater detail in this guide.