"Karapas" Aquaterrarium 50 - white Maximize

  • Dimensions of bare product : Width x depth x height 505 x 255 x 205 mm

"Karapas" Aquaterrarium 50 - white

Ref: 309504

The Aquaterrarim 50 is a simple, effective, aesthetic habitat adapted to baby water.
Ideal for two turtles up to 5cm.

These "Karapas" habitats were specifically designed for water turtles. Different sizes are available to adapt to the sizes of your animals, the ideal choice is to provide a length that is 8 to 10 times longer than your turtle’s plastron.
Karapas habitats also have furniture inspired by current trends with open compartments to display decorative objects and closed compartments for storage.

The "aqua" habitats are sold with the following equipment:
- A grid with a locking system: located on the top of the terrarium, the grid is a safety feature that prevents escape as well as outside intrusions (cats, children...) and protects against falling objects.
- Four locking corners: four-corner locking grid prevents accidental removal.
- Inside filter: powerful and adjustable, it helps maintain clean water since turtles produce a lot of waste.
- One platform (or two, depending on model): water turtles need to get out of the water from time to time.
The provided platform can be placed as you like using a powerful suction cup that keeps it perfectly positioned.

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