Cat-flap for wooden door, magnetic, 4-position, white Maximize

  • Dimensions of bare product : Width x depth x height 190x95x245 mm
  • Instructions for use included in pack Instructions for use included in pack

Cat-flap for wooden door, magnetic, 4-position, white

Ref: 401070BLA

This cat-flap suits wooden doors measuring 15 to 52mm in width. The flap is generously sized, measuring 170 x 150 mm and suits all cat breeds and sizes and small dogs. Works using a magnetic recognitation system (without batteries). When your cat approaches the flap, the magentic system incoportated in the cat-flap recognizes the magnetic key attached to your cat's collar and thus opens the flap. This system prevent stray cats from entering your home. This cat-flap comes with two magnetic keys and requires no electrical maintenance (no risk of animals being locked in/out) ADAPTABILITY: The various Catwalk models can be adapted to all types of doors (more or less thick, wooden or glazed) and suit all sized animals. QUIETNESS: The four-position locking system - entrance only, exit only, free entrance and exit - completely locked - allows your animal to come and go freely and ensures the master peace of mind. RELIABILITY: Manufactured using high quality materials (flap made from stabilized polycarbonate, the door and UV are made using Lustran - ABS manufactured by Bayer). The Catwalk cat-flaps have a three year guarantee.